Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Memoirs of Bygone New Year Eves

My childhood has been a blessed one, amidst loving parents, maternal and paternal uncles and aunts, grandma and grandpa, cousins blah blah!!!

New Year eves were always fun filled events.. Half yearly exams used to end just a day before christmas. And of we would go, me and my sister to my grampa's...

On Dec 31, by about 11 in the afternoon, my sister, my youngest aunt and myself would bundle into our uncle's (mom's brother) Ambassador car (Faithful good old car), off we would go to Hotel Chit Chat on Mount Road (not sure if it still the awesome place it was some 15-18 years back). That is where we were introduced to some of the oriental and occidental delicacies like French fries,Pasta,Spring rolls and cutlets(wait! the last one could be Indian, lest you think i am terribly misinformed about global cuisines:)). As soon as we conclude our hogging session there, we would walk to the pastry place right in the restaurant and religiously buy a 1 Kg sponge cake (every year it was the same cake.. cant remember the reason for that specific seasonal affinity). That done it would be a drive to Adyar Grand Sweets to buy "Sweet- Karam" for thatha since he would not eat cake since it contained eggs as one of the ingredients.

If i remember right, we also used to get new clothes from uncle- trust me, we (my sister and I) are the MOST spoilt neices in history...and I was a capitalist at that... Thinking twice before asking for something expensive came in quite late due to my mother's relentless sermons on propriety and decency and considerate behaviour ( again, lest you think I have no manners what so ever, this was only with my uncle- in other places and with other people, I would not even ask for a glass of water)( you see... as a Libran, what "perfect" balance I have maintained!!!!)

Anyway, by 6 in the evening, we would be back home, and turn On TV in full blast. Way back then, the only channel on TV was DoorDarshan and the most famous faces for New Year eve programmes were Usha Uthup, Bappi Lahiri and the likes. If that was not "good enough" for us connoisseurs, there was always a high quality Tom and Jerry video cassette backup beckoning to us from the shelves.... and that would run for hours. My grampa was a soul that believed in eating only at the dining table.. So dinner was a reluctant affair, having to pause the video and have a hurried dinner. Again, new year eve dinner was always sumptuous and sinful (to me that meant potato roast curry, Vengaya Sambar, Mysore Rasam, yogurt thick enough to be cut with a knife and mahali pickle(sarasaparilla for your translation) and by the time we were done with dinner, I have always had mental apprehensions about not having enough appetite or space in my tummy to accomodate the sponge cake that awaited cutting at the strike of 12.00 Midnight..However, my stomach has year after year yielded to my unsaid prayers and miraculously created space for the coveted cake...

To admit the truth.. from 11.30, I would be looking at the clock's arms by the second..and would doze off too. but at the strike of 12.00 all of us would be awake, and we tots would cut the cake, wish all the the family over phone and go to sleep amidst happiness and laughter....

Jaane kaha Gayee Woh Din.....

With those warm memories I await the New Year 2007.. Hope ti brings health, wealth and cheer to one and all!!!!!!


  1. Growing up and growing out of old days is always a problem....

  2. hey priya,

    happy new year! :) nice blog


  3. hey!! cool blog!!

    One is sure to be smitten by nostalgia on reading this post,.Reminds me of my naughtier days too :).. Gone are the days of childhood innocence,we sure miss them!!